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Don “B-Mel” AKA “Johnnie Black” AKA “The Real B-MEL” has served time as an Associate for The Boomer & Carton Show, Host and Founder of The New York Sports Mafia, Mets Beat Mafia, and the single most influential podcast host on Long Island. When he’s not behind the mic, you can catch him wining and dining on fine Italian cuisine, or thinking about his next big hit……music hit that is, wink wink.

Thomas D-Train Santiago is the protégé of The Don and is known for taking a strategic approach to life, and sports alike. The Don makes no decision without consulting his second in command. His background includes work for The Long Island Ducks, production and programming for The Mets Beat & Limo Talk Podcast, and a dental organization that DOES NOT fix cavities. (Don’t push him, if he knocks your teeth out, he CANNOT refer you to a dentist). When he’s not behind the mic, the second in command will be found rooting on his beloved Yankees, and squeaking by in Fantasy Football.  

Bobby “Inz 41″Inzerillo Dont let the smile fool you, BobAY earned his stripes as the families enforcer. Don’t f with him, seriously. Besides the fact that he runs baseball in Valley Stream, a town he once ran from inside the Bar Inz 41, he once enforced all of Citi Field, and is rumored to have grown up with the real life Rocky Balboa. All you need to know is that his brother, Former Met Player Kieth Hernandez, talks about HIM like a World Series Champ. His reputation speaks for itself…