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GovsRadio is settling in with regular guests such as Ingrid Dodd, Tim Krompier, Chris Roach, Chris Monty, Jessica Kirson, and Matt Burke. There’s just something about Mulrooney in the Morning that’s making people come back for more (even at the crack of dawn!) This past Tuesday comedian Jessica Kirson joined us and had the studio practically in tears over fart jokes, which will never get old by the way. The energy level was at an all time high, the maturity level at an all time low. Farts are funny and we are not above saying so here at GovsRadio. This is further proven throughout the show’s commercial breaks while the crew plays “What Hallway Are We Avoiding Today?”

Aside from all the flatulence, Mulrooney in the Morning can be very informative as well with John Mulrooney sharing his perspective regarding politics, media and popular culture. There’s always something to be learned, which is covered at the end of the show in Kevin Downey Jr.’s segment “What Have We Learned?” Whether it’s covering hot topics or just shooting the breeze, starting your mornings with Mulrooney is sure to bring you laughs, so tune in!

Mulrooney in the Morning

GovsRadio is gaining momentum and steadily increasing in numbers of listeners and hours spent listening, creating a worldwide buzz! Mulrooney in the Morning is a brand new kind of radio show that has it’s roots planted in comedy, while allowing itself to organically branch out into whatever seems relevant and, of course, makes people laugh! The blending of comedy and news has become a prevalent means of broadcasting information on shows on television such as The Daily Show with John Stewart, Conan and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

As a rookie in the industry of comedic entertainment, I found myself compelled to conduct some research on the current state of my chosen field after a new twitter follower’s bio introduced me to the term “Comedic Journalism,” which seemed akin to what we’re doing here at GovsRadio. After some rigorous Googling, I was intrigued to find that comedy has become a prevalent tool used throughout the media to communicate and expose truth. Referring to Mulrooney in the Morning as journalism may be a stretch, it’s more like a comedic commentary of what’s going on in the world. Journalists claim to present only the facts, while comedy inserts a clear opinion on the facts being discussed. Comedy admits to its faults and plays on its strengths, which is why I believe comedy evokes the most genuine responses from an audience and this is most certainly the case with GovsRadio’s Mulrooney in the Morning.

Matt Burke Dov Davidoff

Mulrooney in the Morning took a short break following Memorial Day Weekend, but listeners remained tuned in for GovsRadio’s Greatest Hits, which streamed on iheartradio last week. If you didn’t catch the re-run of this past Mother’s Day’s show, you missed a hilarious bit involving Tim Krompier seductively wishing his “baby mama” a Happy Mother’s Day, confusing Downey as to whether he was referring to his wife or his mother… Needless to say, the greatest hits were a hit, keeping fans laughing and tweeting at GovsRadio anticipating the show’s return.

GovsRadio returned live this morning with Ingrid Dodd in the studio talking Entertainment News. Ingrid will be joining the Mulrooney in the Morning show for a weekly segment dishing out the scoop on celebs and adding to the unique collection of perspectives this show provides. Today she comes to terms with her disease. She suffers from “Bieber Fever,” a growing epidemic specifically targeting women and the occasional lonely old man. Justin Bieber is now being accused of making racial comments, which he allegedly said when he was 15. Ingrid refers to an apology tweet by Bieber stating “I was a child then, I’m a man now.” This tweet along with Ingrid’s soft spot for the Biebs compel her to forgive him, and alas the “Bieber Fever” epidemic continues.

The hysterical comedic talents of returning guests such as Mick Thomas, Chris Roach, Matt Burke, Chris Monty, and Jessica Kirson are sure to make the laughs pick up right where they left off this week. Vacation is OVER & the crew of this morning show is revved up and ready to bring on the Fun, Funny & Friendly!

After just a few weeks of spending my mornings in the studio, I’ve come to realize GovsRadio is taking on the form of an all new kind of radio that provides ALL comedy ALL the time! Other radio stations have their funny bits, but this show focuses on entertaining a specific type of audience: the kind that like to laugh. As a frequent listener of the radio, I’m tired of superficial radio shows that tell women where to get their unwanted hair removed and the top ten must-haves for the summer that I can’t afford.

GovsRadio is a “Groundbreaking new way of doing radio” that maintains its unique identity by focusing on the funny! With special guests such as Conan Smith, an agent and a partner at Converge Media Group, dishing out advice for up & coming comedians it is a great place for aspiring entertainers to gain some insight on the business.

Whether you are looking to entertain or to be entertained, Mulrooney in the Morning on GovsRadio is on the rise to becoming THE forum for the funny! Host, John Mulrooney along with Tim Tyrrell, Kevin Downey, Jr., and Rocky Kowalski provide an eclectic perspective on news, pop culture, politics, and sports while remaining true to their comedic roots. As Mulrooney would say, “It’s like the discovery channel with jokes!”

On Sunday May 11, 2014, it was a beautiful Mother’s Day in Greenwich Village. The “plomedy”, a play which blends into stand-up comedy, “Shut Up, Sit Down & Eat,” was shown at The Players Theater. This performance enthralls an audience with hysterical perspectives on the realities of family dynamics, particularly the “Italian Insanity,” which is depicted through the therapy session of four true Italian New Yorkers. The plomedy, a term coined by the creators of the show, Tina Giorgi, Joe Moffa, Chris Monty, Eric Tartaglione and Tom Ingegno, expresses the struggles of psychologically overcoming family hardships, making it extremely relatable and therefore, genuinely making a connection with an audience.

The impression left on the audience by the show’s conclusion is that the best way to overcome the adversities of this inexplicable roller coaster of life is by sharing our experiences with one another in a humorous way, allowing us to see our own lives in a new light. Tina Giorgi, Joe Moffa, Chris Monty and Eric Tartaglione offer true details of their upbringing in the traditional Italian home, which conveys the show’s message with hilarious authenticity. The simplistic setting of the stage symbolically contributes to conveying the message that the solution to our problems can also be simple if we allow ourselves to alter our perceptions by opening up to each other.

The frequent fluctuation of tone from serious to silly plays a major role in moving the audience. One minute the audience is laughing about Eric’s toupee, and the next minute hearts melt over his admirable relationship with his adopted daughter. The dramatic contrast of happy stories blending into sad ones adds to the shock value of this performance and to the show’s overall ability to captivate an audience. The unique style of the plomedy serves as an extremely effective technique for delivering a message through theater. Being that theater aims to both entertain and instruct, using comedy to convey truths is theater at its most ingenious.

Between a hysterically sequenced plot, unique means of delivery and humble setting of the stage, “Shut up, Sit Down & Eat,” masterfully succeeds in thoroughly entertaining an audience as well as revealing an important message that we can help each other attain peace through sharing our life experiences and feelings, reminding ourselves that we have the power to change our own path no matter what the current state of your life is, a revelation that often ends in throwing one’s head back in laughter over ever having thought otherwise. “Shut Up, Sit Down & Eat,” is an unprecedented kind of theatrical performance which I advise everyone to experience because the future of plomedies is looking bright and it’d be a shame to miss the first of its kind!

For tickets and more information:

“Governor’s Comedy Shop has perfected the art of merrymaking and has kept audiences laughing in the aisles…”

The walls of Governor’s serve as a museum of Long Island comedy as you make your way towards GovsRadio studio, located in the back of the club, displaying photos of some of the headlining comics that have taken the stage of Governor’s Comedy Club over the years, like Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Jeff Dunham, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Drew Carey, Tracy Morgan & more. When approaching the green room one comes across an article which features “Governor’s Comedy Shop” commending its first seven years of successful “merrymaking”. The Nightlife Magazine article, written by Cheryl Ann Meglio, accredits Governor’s not only for providing audiences with the “top comedy talent,” but also for providing excellent hospitality as well as delicious food and of course some tasty beverages! Governor’s has upheld its pristine reputation by remaining the absolute best host to not only their patrons, but their entertainers as well. Audiences love the energy at Governor’s because the comedians LOVE performing here!

Flashback to 1980, when Governor’s first opened and “clubs appeared in neighborhood taverns from Floral Park to Montauk,” says D.Z. Stone of the New York Times. Governor’s withstood the test of time through hard work and has earned its reputation for being one of the finest comedy venues in America by bringing audiences the best comic talent in a comfortable, yet elegant setting (without the hassle of traveling to the city!). For over a quarter of a century, Governor’s has been hosting some of Long Island’s funniest comedic talent and the” Governor’s of Comedy” continue to bring the laughs with appearances Thursday through Sunday at Governor’s in Levittown, Brokerage in Bellmore, and McGuires in Bohemia!

Flash forward to the present, when booking tickets is as easy as:

GovsRadio is “Fun, funny and friendly,” three “F” words you would not expect to use to describe Monday morning. Who knew laughter was possible before noon? Host, John Mulrooney, is joined by Kevin Downey Jr., Rocky Kowalski and Ingrid Dodd on this morning’s show talking summer festivities!

Ingrid runs the Long Beach International Film Festival, which will be held on July 30-August 4th at Madison Theater at Molloy College. The festival will feature a “Throwback Thursday” drive-in movie theater on Lido Beach with a 40 foot blow up screen and accommodation for up to 400 vehicles. “Some of my best memories were at the drive-in,” adds Ingrid.

The festival will also include a Q&A with the filmmakers, which gives the audience an opportunity to understand the intent of the film to see if it matched their interpretation of its meaning. Not many people get the chance to see if the image they’ve painted in their mind after a film is the image its creator intended. This is a great experience for both the audience and the filmmakers to test whether or not a connection is being made between the film and its audience.

After years of working at Chuckles, Ingrid is proud to see her vision for the film festival come to fruition, and rightfully so. The Long Beach International Film Festival features unique talent and promotes the coming together of innovative minds for the purpose of co-creating, which is what it’s really all about in the entertainment industry. The winner of the film festival will receive a full day’s worth of free studio time at Grumman’s Movie Studio in Bethpage where Spiderman 2 was filmed. GO WEB GO!!!


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