90 Division Ave., Levittown, NY

Funny Tank

Funnytank [fuhn-ee tangk] a large receptable or storage chamber with fuel causing amusement or laughter.

FunnyTank is on a mission to uncover and share the humor that exists everywhere, most of all within each of us. We often don't notice or realize the Funny that’s right in front of us and when we do, we may not have the mindset or tools to access it. That's a real world problem in our estimation as FunnyPower is one of the most underutilized energy forms that can transform lives when put to good use. In fact there is no bad use of FunnyPower, except in low-brow movies where some diabolical character hurts people with bad jokes.

Sure, it may not always be appropriate to insert Funny in to every situation, but we think it is more often than not and the world will be a better place if more people recognize and harness their humor power.

So get real, get open, get down to business and fill up your personal FunnyTank.


GovsRadio Network is all comedy, all the time. From Governors Comedy Club in Levittown NY. We cover everything you would hear on other stations except we inform and entertain you with experienced radio hosts who also happen to be very funny.
Our Radio Shows are for Entertainment only. The views and opinions expressed therein may be those of the individual comedians, and DO NOT necessarily represent the views and opinions of Governor’s Comedy Clubs, or any of our respective affiliates or employees. Listener discretion is advised.
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