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After just a few weeks of spending my mornings in the studio, I’ve come to realize GovsRadio is taking on the form of an all new kind of radio that provides ALL comedy ALL the time! Other radio stations have their funny bits, but this show focuses on entertaining a specific type of audience: the kind that like to laugh. As a frequent listener of the radio, I’m tired of superficial radio shows that tell women where to get their unwanted hair removed and the top ten must-haves for the summer that I can’t afford.

GovsRadio is a “Groundbreaking new way of doing radio” that maintains its unique identity by focusing on the funny! With special guests such as Conan Smith, an agent and a partner at Converge Media Group, dishing out advice for up & coming comedians it is a great place for aspiring entertainers to gain some insight on the business.

Whether you are looking to entertain or to be entertained, Mulrooney in the Morning on GovsRadio is on the rise to becoming THE forum for the funny! Host, John Mulrooney along with Tim Tyrrell, Kevin Downey, Jr., and Rocky Kowalski provide an eclectic perspective on news, pop culture, politics, and sports while remaining true to their comedic roots. As Mulrooney would say, “It’s like the discovery channel with jokes!”

Mike O'Toole

May 19th, 2014

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