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Thanks to this man, I have been granted the opportunity to explore my creative talents in writing, social networking, and making people laugh. Starting this radio station was no easy feat for Marc Lund, but this guy just does not give up. When he was unable to get the comedians appearing at his club, Governor’s Comedy Club in Levittown, which has been featuring some of the funniest for over 30 years, on local radio shows to plug their gigs he took matters into his own hands and built a studio right on sight. GovsRadio is truly one of a kind. Some morning shows have their comedic moments, but this crew will have you cracking up at the crack of dawn.

Between John Mulrooney’s quick wit, Kevin “Odiferous” Downey Jr.’s hysterical pranks, Rocky “Body Count” Kowalski’s comically morose take on the news (when is the news not morose?), and Tim “#EvilTim” Tyrrell’s sharp-tongue, this show can turn your miserable morning traffic into a hysterical way to start the day. Not a morning person? Not a problem! The show runs all day long on iheartradio and you can find podcasts of Mulrooney in the Morning on the GovsRadio website:

Entering the studio as an inexperienced intern has been a little intimidating, I’m still sweating in the sound booth panicking over the thought of Mulrooney asking me something on air, but I get comfortable rather quickly and I’m sure I’ll be bombarding the crew with my outlandish ideas in no time. The only thing this show could use is a fresh, young perspective and some insight on today’s trends. I think I’m the perfect fit to fill the generational gap!  (And probably the only one brave enough to tell the crew some of their material may be a little outdated)

If there’s anything I’ve learned from John Mulrooney after this first week spent with him in the studio, it’s that I’m not going to get anywhere worrying about hurting feelings or even by trying to be funny. I’ve always felt that I was destined for Entertainment, I just hadn’t gotten around to grabbing at opportunities when they arise. When Marc brought me in to GovsRadio and gave me creative reign over my own blog, I knew it was time to show myself what I’m capable of. Watch out world, because I think I’ve found my calling in comedy and writing.

Danielle Colonna

May 1st, 2014

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