90 Division Ave., Levittown, NY

Limo Talk with Graz

Anthony Graziadei hosts this hilarious comedy sports talk show. Once described as an A.D.D. train wreck alongside a 50 car pile up, the boys discuss everything from sport to politics, pop culture to childhood stories and of course all things Long Island.

He is joined by his long time partner Brian “B-Mel” Mehlman, a savant of NY sports and host of the New York Sports Mafia Podcast. The group is rounded out with Bobby “Inz” Inzerillo, the man of a thousand voices, Thomas “D-Train” Santiago who engineers and DJs the show, and finally there is OToole who serves as a fifth chair and makes small contributions with his characters behind the glass.

We have all things entertainment covered.


GovsRadio Network is all comedy, all the time. From Governors Comedy Club in Levittown NY. We cover everything you would hear on other stations except we inform and entertain you with experienced radio hosts who also happen to be very funny.
Our Radio Shows are for Entertainment only. The views and opinions expressed therein may be those of the individual comedians, and DO NOT necessarily represent the views and opinions of Governor’s Comedy Clubs, or any of our respective affiliates or employees. Listener discretion is advised.
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