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GovsRadio is “Fun, funny and friendly,” three “F” words you would not expect to use to describe Monday morning. Who knew laughter was possible before noon? Host, John Mulrooney, is joined by Kevin Downey Jr., Rocky Kowalski and Ingrid Dodd on this morning’s show talking summer festivities!

Ingrid runs the Long Beach International Film Festival, which will be held on July 30-August 4th at Madison Theater at Molloy College. The festival will feature a “Throwback Thursday” drive-in movie theater on Lido Beach with a 40 foot blow up screen and accommodation for up to 400 vehicles. “Some of my best memories were at the drive-in,” adds Ingrid.

The festival will also include a Q&A with the filmmakers, which gives the audience an opportunity to understand the intent of the film to see if it matched their interpretation of its meaning. Not many people get the chance to see if the image they’ve painted in their mind after a film is the image its creator intended. This is a great experience for both the audience and the filmmakers to test whether or not a connection is being made between the film and its audience.

After years of working at Chuckles, Ingrid is proud to see her vision for the film festival come to fruition, and rightfully so. The Long Beach International Film Festival features unique talent and promotes the coming together of innovative minds for the purpose of co-creating, which is what it’s really all about in the entertainment industry. The winner of the film festival will receive a full day’s worth of free studio time at Grumman’s Movie Studio in Bethpage where Spiderman 2 was filmed. GO WEB GO!!!


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