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On Sunday May 11, 2014, it was a beautiful Mother’s Day in Greenwich Village. The “plomedy”, a play which blends into stand-up comedy, “Shut Up, Sit Down & Eat,” was shown at The Players Theater. This performance enthralls an audience with hysterical perspectives on the realities of family dynamics, particularly the “Italian Insanity,” which is depicted through the therapy session of four true Italian New Yorkers. The plomedy, a term coined by the creators of the show, Tina Giorgi, Joe Moffa, Chris Monty, Eric Tartaglione and Tom Ingegno, expresses the struggles of psychologically overcoming family hardships, making it extremely relatable and therefore, genuinely making a connection with an audience.

The impression left on the audience by the show’s conclusion is that the best way to overcome the adversities of this inexplicable roller coaster of life is by sharing our experiences with one another in a humorous way, allowing us to see our own lives in a new light. Tina Giorgi, Joe Moffa, Chris Monty and Eric Tartaglione offer true details of their upbringing in the traditional Italian home, which conveys the show’s message with hilarious authenticity. The simplistic setting of the stage symbolically contributes to conveying the message that the solution to our problems can also be simple if we allow ourselves to alter our perceptions by opening up to each other.

The frequent fluctuation of tone from serious to silly plays a major role in moving the audience. One minute the audience is laughing about Eric’s toupee, and the next minute hearts melt over his admirable relationship with his adopted daughter. The dramatic contrast of happy stories blending into sad ones adds to the shock value of this performance and to the show’s overall ability to captivate an audience. The unique style of the plomedy serves as an extremely effective technique for delivering a message through theater. Being that theater aims to both entertain and instruct, using comedy to convey truths is theater at its most ingenious.

Between a hysterically sequenced plot, unique means of delivery and humble setting of the stage, “Shut up, Sit Down & Eat,” masterfully succeeds in thoroughly entertaining an audience as well as revealing an important message that we can help each other attain peace through sharing our life experiences and feelings, reminding ourselves that we have the power to change our own path no matter what the current state of your life is, a revelation that often ends in throwing one’s head back in laughter over ever having thought otherwise. “Shut Up, Sit Down & Eat,” is an unprecedented kind of theatrical performance which I advise everyone to experience because the future of plomedies is looking bright and it’d be a shame to miss the first of its kind!

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