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Start Your Morning with Mulrooney!

GovsRadio is settling in with regular guests such as Ingrid Dodd, Tim Krompier, Chris Roach, Chris Monty, Jessica Kirson, and Matt Burke. There’s just something about Mulrooney in the Morning that’s making people come back for more (even at the crack of dawn!) This past Tuesday comedian Jessica Kirson joined us and had the studio practically in tears over fart jokes, which will never get old by the way. The energy level was at an all time high, the maturity level at an all time low. Farts are funny and we are not above saying so here at GovsRadio. This is further proven throughout the show’s commercial breaks while the crew plays “What Hallway Are We Avoiding Today?”

Aside from all the flatulence, Mulrooney in the Morning can be very informative as well with John Mulrooney sharing his perspective regarding politics, media and popular culture. There’s always something to be learned, which is covered at the end of the show in Kevin Downey Jr.’s segment “What Have We Learned?” Whether it’s covering hot topics or just shooting the breeze, starting your mornings with Mulrooney is sure to bring you laughs, so tune in!

Mike O'Toole

July 8th, 2014

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