Thomas D-Train Santiago

Thomas, the youngest of the Gov’s Radio family, has been developing his skills in the Audio Production industry for over 7 years. A pupil of O’Toole’s, Tom has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has found himself in an affable position. During the summer, you can find him in the control room of Bethpage Ballpark, as the Long Island Ducks’ Ballpark DJ. Tom a board operator and engineer completing the dynamic duo of “B-Mel & D-Train’s Mets Beat Podcast” which has evolved into “New York Sports Mafia”. Tom is always staying busy between office and school work, but on his free time, he is probably doing mock fantasy football drafts, or, reliving the late 90’s Yankees Dynasty best moments. His time here at Governor’s has been a pleasure and he, like many others, are very excited for what the future has in store!