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Mulrooney in the Morning took a short break following Memorial Day Weekend, but listeners remained tuned in for GovsRadio’s Greatest Hits, which streamed on iheartradio last week. If you didn’t catch the re-run of this past Mother’s Day’s show, you missed a hilarious bit involving Tim Krompier seductively wishing his “baby mama” a Happy Mother’s Day, confusing Downey as to whether he was referring to his wife or his mother… Needless to say, the greatest hits were a hit, keeping fans laughing and tweeting at GovsRadio anticipating the show’s return.

GovsRadio returned live this morning with Ingrid Dodd in the studio talking Entertainment News. Ingrid will be joining the Mulrooney in the Morning show for a weekly segment dishing out the scoop on celebs and adding to the unique collection of perspectives this show provides. Today she comes to terms with her disease. She suffers from “Bieber Fever,” a growing epidemic specifically targeting women and the occasional lonely old man. Justin Bieber is now being accused of making racial comments, which he allegedly said when he was 15. Ingrid refers to an apology tweet by Bieber stating “I was a child then, I’m a man now.” This tweet along with Ingrid’s soft spot for the Biebs compel her to forgive him, and alas the “Bieber Fever” epidemic continues.

The hysterical comedic talents of returning guests such as Mick Thomas, Chris Roach, Matt Burke, Chris Monty, and Jessica Kirson are sure to make the laughs pick up right where they left off this week. Vacation is OVER & the crew of this morning show is revved up and ready to bring on the Fun, Funny & Friendly!

Mike O'Toole

June 2nd, 2014

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