90 Division Ave., Levittown, NY

Zencuda Soul Space by Georgia Rose

Thursdays at 6:30pm
Soul Space is a weekly show designed to change your reality! Tune in for Astrology, Tarot Cards, Psychic Messages, Energy Healing and Inspirational guests to fill the "Soul Space" every week . This show is our space for uplifting support and motivation on our journey to soul awareness! So tune in, call in and Join the Wave!

Georgia Rose — Entrepreneur, inspirational being, psychic intuitive, healer, blog author and creator of Zencuda. Georgia Rose always relied on a strong faith in Spirit, accurate intuition and pure determination to triumph over many of life’s challenges. In 2010 while facing her own mortality she underwent a transformation which began a journey of soul connection that changed her life! The wisdom and experience of that journey is ” Zencuda”! The "Zencuda" lifestyle is for those of us living a life forged by our soul and living passionately everyday to create a life we love.

 Today Georgia has become a healer and advocate for many people who suffer from illness and disease in their daily life. Georgia Rose loves to speak publicly and lecture for large or corporate groups and charities. By sharing her stories and wisdom she will educate and motivate you with tears and laughter. Georgia‘s wit and compassion connect to the audience in an authentic and engaging way that is motivating and heart-stirring. All of her work is intended to lead us to our own truth and compassion to live to our full potential.


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